Bogdan’s Law of CSGO

2017-8-8 10:24:37

Bogdan’s Law of CS:GO stems from the arguement between Josh “steel” Nissan, a popular streamer and former iBuyPower player and Bogdan, a former ESEA Rank S player. Their arguement arouse a heated discussion at that time. Let's see what happened at that time!


Happened in last November, Steel and Bogdan disputed about how an AWP should be used between a player with low health and a player with high health. Steel argued that the higher health player should have the AWP, while Bogdan argued the lower health player should have it. At that time, Natus Vincere's s1mple agreed with Bogdan. Finally, Bogdan was removed from ESEA Rank S. Now he is in ESES Main Division.


Then comes Bogdan's Law. Bogdan's Law states that in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, when one player has low health, a high health player, usually with an AWP(sniper rifle), switch weapons with each other, to give the low health player a 1-shot, 1-kill opportunity. Usually carried out when the team with the hurt player has a 1 or more man advantage, allowing the higher-health player to take battles, for example, Mike: "I'm 1hp, Bogdan me"


John: *Drops AWP, picks up AK-47* or Mike: "I'm hurt. Bogdan's Law?" John: "sure." *Drops AWP, picks up Mike's weapon*.


All in all, Bogdan’s Law is dependending on players, whether or not they should implement it.


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