CSGO ELEAGUE Boston Major stickers are open to buy

01/19/2018 02:16:24 PM

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recently updated the New release Notes for December 20. and the next CS:GO Major is just around the corner - THE ELEAGUE Boston 2018 CS:GO Major championship and launched team stickers, graffiti and player signature.


Now, you can buy Team stickers, player autographs, and team graffiti are all available for purchase in-game or the Steam Community Market, with 50% of the proceeds going to players and organizations at Boston 2018. Here is more details.


In addition to this you can use Team Stickers as game pieces in the Boston 2018 Team Pick’Em Challenge. Wish you good luck! More CSGO Skins for sale on


Happy holidays!


Csgo4skin Team