CSGO Items Received In Trade Cannot Be Retraded For Seven Days

03/30/2018 10:55:18 AM

Today in the latest Patch for CS:GO Valve deployed a new UPDA7E that added a seven day restriction on items that are received in trading. With this new system users will have to wait seven days before they can trade an item that they receive from trading. This UPDA7E also means that any item a player deposits onto CSGO4SKIN will not appear on the site until the seven-day trade hold has been lifted from our bots, however, the item will be in our bots inventory.

This new UPDA7E is set to affect not only the CSGO4SKIN community but the skin trading community as a whole. Due to the negative effect this will have on the trading community we are encouraging you, the trading community, to share your concerns in a nicely worded email to [email protected]

So if you care about the trading community please take the time to reach out to Valve and let them know how much you love the community and the negative impact that this will have on the trading community as a whole.