CSGO New map Dust 2

01/18/2018 11:08:28 AM

Recently, CSGO would has a biggest event is Dust 2 map on the line, immediately aroused the enthusiastic discussion of the majority of players. And CS GO official website also hope to hear more feedback from player.


Last week, Valve announced that it was overhauling Dust2, Counter-Strike's most iconic map.The biggest change is to the visual clarity. Valve has quadrupled the texture resolution and changed the art style, opting for a lighter colour palate and a more obvious North African feel, with signs for a Kasbah (basically a fortress), a bazaar and a hotel. Overall the map manages to feel a lot brighter but more decrepit, with weathered walls and crumbling pillars. Other changes are small.


But even so many players are still not satisfied with the map.They complained that after downloading the new dust2, when play so many red & black block. But they don’t why. Although there are some dissatisfied, but from a purely visual perspective, the new Dust 2 is beautiful. We believe that as these small problems can be resolved, Dust 2 is still worthy of being sure.


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Enjoy your game!