CSGO announced Operation Hydra extended

10/08/2017 10:58:09 AM

Last month, CSGO announced the Operation Hydra will be extended until November 13th. In order to the new players from China to more complete experience CS: GO "Operation Hydra" the maps and activities, CS: GO "Operation Hydra" will be postponed. In the same time, operation passes are now 50% off.


After Operation Hydra ends, some of its most popular features will live on.


1. the most-played operation game modes will be added to CS: GO,in the last month.


2. The game has been used multiple times the competitive match and Casual (currently Agency and Austria, respectively), will replace the least played maps in those modes.


Finally, what models or maps will be formally joined CSGO, we are all look forward to.Buy csgo skins with paypal,speed delivery and quality guarantee of CSGO Skins.


Enjoy you game!


Csgo4skin Team