CSGO the most special skins or filthy skins

10/12/2017 03:25:20 PM

We all knows CSGO have many colorful skins, has been deeply attracted around the world players but do you know? In fact, CSGO there are some very special skin, or that is a little shy skins. Today introduce for you, do you like it?


1.FN57 – Monkey Business (Click here)


Monkey Business is very special skins, lovely and a little bit dirty skins in CS GO Pistol skins. The gun body has a yellow banana, gun angle is very special.


Release: 2015-04-14


Finish Style: Custom Paint Job.


Price: 1.39 $ USD - 6.75 $ USD


2. P2000 – Handgun (Click here)


This Skins can evoke your heart special police dream of the skin, hand than the pistol action. Has been custom painted with a hand making an aiming gesture. Blue and white color is simple and impact.




Finish Style:Patina


Price: 0.30 $ USD-1.57 $ USD


3.USP-S – Neo-Noir (Click here)


The skin is very shiny and popular. The quality of this skin is a secret level, from the arsenal out of the probability is very low, so it is more precious.


Release: 2017-03-14


Finish Style: Custom Paint Job


Price: 12.61 $ USD- 44.42 $ USD


4. Glock-18 – Weasel (Click here)


This is a gun shape and pattern of the perfect combination of the skin, the gun painted a weasel, very cute. If you like small animals, will love it. Particularly interesting is appointing at a specific location will have an unexpected effect.


Release: 2016-08-17


Finish Style: Custom Paint Job


Price: 0.59 $ USD - 3.06 $ USD


Introduced so many creative pistol skin, is there anything skins you like? In csgo4skin there are more cheap, good-looking and all CSGO Skins waiting for you. Choose one you like, put into battle, wish you all good luck!


Csgo4skin Team