DreamHack Astro Open Ricardo boltz Prass

2017-5-15 9:54:26

At the DreamHack Astro Open, the Immortals become the winner after defeating Heroic 14-16 on Overpass, 16-6 on Inferno and 16-13 on Cobblestone.


Ricardo "boltz" Prass, a Brazilian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, currently plays the role of an entry fragger for Immortals. In this tournament, he finished with a 67-56 K/D with an ADR of 87.7.


Here is an an exclusive interview about boltz to Dexerto.


Kevin Hitt: How excited are you to have reached the finals at DreamHack Austin?


Boltz: More than anybody we are here to win this tournament. We want to show that we aren’t kidding, because, I don’t know why, but I really want to win badly and show people we can do it.


KH: You’ve played very well this weekend. You have been solid, top of the board. Is there a difference between this weekend and previous tournaments? What’s the difference and why are you so good this weekend?


Boltz: The first time I was captain, we were in CEVO and we had a really good tournament. Now, I am starting to call again and the team is really giving me support and trusting my calls. That makes me really confident and makes me perform better. We need to continue to stay fluid.


KH: You guys look like you are calm, calling plays and executing your strategies with precision. You have switched from a style where you just go in with guns blazing to one that is calm and collected. Have you guys made that change?


BoltZ: In most tournaments we still had a way of calling strats that was based on aim and exploding onto sites. I also like to call like that, but now I like to slow play and get map control while getting two guys together to trade kills. I also like to adapt strategies. Like today on Cobblestone for example.


We had a execute on B with smokes and we made that execute and then dropped to A because it was needed. Because we were going too much B so we adapted to go A and that’s the way I like to do it. We are looking forward to playing in the finals.


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