Lincoln fnx Lau benched by Immortals

2017-5-17 9:51:25

Maintaining a healthy atmosphere is extremely important to us. We are benching Lincoln "fnx" Lau, The Immortals CS:GO team has stated on Monday.


He also said "Immortals is accepting trade offers from other teams, and we will be looking for a permanent replacement for our roster. In the meantime, fnx’s slot will be filled by our capable coach, Rafael "zakk" Fernandes."


"The Immortals CS:GO team has been working hard to reach the next level of competition. As an organization, we remain focused on reaching the top while building a long-term foundation for success. One of the biggest problems we’ve faced are internal issues that, unfortunately, affected in-game performance."


"fnx" has been added Immortals in February, after spending over a year with the current SK Gaming roster, going back to their time on Luminosity Gaming.


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