Team Secret is the winner of Women’s CSGO Championship at Copenhagen Games

2017-4-17 9:51:49

Team Secret are the queens of Copenhagen, beating out 28 other teams in winning the Copenhagen Games’ Women’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament on April 15th.

The women from Team Secret beat London Conspiracy in convincing fashion 16-1, 16-14 on Nuke and Inferno, respectively.

In Group F play, Team Secret just required to win a single map so as to make it to the 16-team playoff bracket due to the fact they were in a group with three teams. This was the similar for London Conspiracy as well as Vexed Gaming.

The Europeans through Secret were the the No. 1 seed on top of the bracket and were matched up against MASY in the 1st round. It was an uncomplicated win, 16-2, 16-11 upon Train as well as Cobblestone. The quarterfinals were additionally no conundrum for Secret since they cruised pass Team expert 16-13, 16-3 on Cache and Mirage.

Team Secret were a freight train with no brakes heading into the semifinals, running over RED Reserve 16-6, 16-3 on Train and Inferno. They would at this point encounter London Conspiracy ion the finals, having not decreased a map the whole competition.

The Russian women through London Conspiracy were nearly as dominate the whole competition, getting out of group play needing only one win and after that getting to the finals with a 7-1 record. It might be a fight of two very great teams.

Map 1 of the greatest of three finals saw Team Secret put down the ‘Conspiracy 16-1 on Nuke. However, London Conspiracy wasn’t going to go down easy. Map 2 might take the two teams to Inferno where Team Secret raced out to a 11-4 lead. Regarding all intents and reasons, the match seemed like it was over, however, London Conspiracy fought back, but couldn’t hold on losing 14-16 giving the competition title to Team Secret.

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