Tyloo and their coach has come to an end

11/11/2017 11:29:28 AM

Recently, Tyloo official Twitter regret released their cooperation with Brazilian coach Luis Peacemake has come to an end. Afterwards, Luis Peacemaker also sent a message on Twitter saying thank Tyloo, and will join Heroic to open a new chapter.


Tyloo and their coach Luis worked for six months,During this time, training camps and daily work proceeded smoothly, but the language barrier is difficult to overcome. This has led to the suspension of cooperation, especially in the matches. Here is the main content of the official statement.


Reviewing Peacemaker's coaching career. His was coaching at Academy and Tempo Storm in 2015 and early 2016 in his golden age. After that he also coached teams such as Liquid, NRG, Shazam, Optic Gaming and Misfits. Peacemaker counts as one of the few coaches who has removed major teams in a short period of time. (More statement of Luis Peacemaker)


Anyway, we hope Tyloo and Luis Peacemak all wish the best of luck in future. More CS GO SKINS you can find at we are waiting for you.


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